From Kevin's Mother is the following note, dated July 17th, 2005

July 18th, 2004 – The last day anyone saw Kevin Martin. It has been a year; a roller coaster year, a nightmare year. A year has gone by. I guess we now know Kevin isn’t alive. He’s not coming back. Some of his remains were found in the beginning of February, as most everyone knows, but that’s all we know. A year later and we know nothing. Absolutely nothing. We don’t know what happened or how he died. We don’t have any answers and we’re left with even more questions.

Perhaps I should give thanks to God…we found Kevin. There are many families who have not found their loved ones and in some cases it has been years. I prayed we would find Kevin and we found him, only I had hoped and prayed he would be found alive. Hope. I still have to have hope. Hope that we find out the truth.

We have had a certain amount of closure, but I personally will never have closure until we find out what really happened to Kevin, his precious young life, my son.

Patricia Gilson-Martin